The Juliette Dress

For the doll looking to make a bold statement, we present The Juliette Gown- the ultimate evening gown for Fall!  Taking inspiration from seventeenth century gowns and heavily structured corsets, we came up with this two piece design: a corseted bodice and voluminous ball skirt. For materials we chose a fabulously luxurious deep red silk dupioni, and gorgeous cream silk brocade. Now it was time to turn our design and materials into the actual gown. We stitched the brocade into a structured corset style bodice using front and back seaming to achieve a perfect fit. For the straps we used bias cut silk which also worked wonderfully for a dramatic shoulder bow. A silk lining and trim around the edge gave us a fabulous couture finish. To achieve a corseted back, we applied antique finished eyelets to the back and lased it up with cream satin ribbon. We made the skirt using

the entire width of the crimson silk for the ultimate fluffy ball skirt. We hand hemmed, applied a waistband, and added snap closures. The final effect is dramatic and enchanting. The Juliette will take you doll to her most formal Autumn affairs. We recommend it for evenings at the opera and Autumn masquerades.

This dress is available in a limited edition quantity of

three. Visit our Etsy shop to purchase your own!


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