The Café au Lait Dress

A chic little dress for the doll with sophisticated style.

When we got our hands on this delicious mocha wool sateen, we couldn’t wait to turn it into a dress. The color so reminded Lauren of coffee with milk that it practically named itself. We dreamed up a design inspired by the style of Audrey Hepburn, but still very modern. Next came the contrast material: cream colored silk dupioni. With silk satin for the lining we were ready to stitch up the perfect wool dress.

The bodice came first. Seaming detail made it fit perfectly and elbow length sleeves are perfect for Fall. We accented the raised waistline with a silk belt and a large fluffy bow. Lauren carefully tailored the skirt for a perfect drape. We fully

lined the dress in silk satin, and closed it up with and invisible zipper for a neat finish.

This dress will keep your doll looking polished all season long!

Visit our Etsy shop to purchase your own Café au Lait Dress. There are only three available!


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