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It is hard to believe how long it has been since I posted here– nearly two years! For those of you who were unaware, I started college two years ago, and had to give up sewing doll clothes at that time.

This summer, however, I plan to create a few ensembles once again! Be on the lookout for updates in the near future. I will be focusing on some interesting historical outfits, and maybe even some dresses from films.



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A new Regency gown and accessories!

Hello friends! We have just completed our first gown for Miss Caroline along with a shawl and bonnet! Check it them out here and here.
We hope to make many more Regency ensembles!

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Regency Fashions

With all the excitement leading up to a certain Miss Caroline Abbott, we here at The Dressmaker Doll Fashions have been doing a good bit of research on fashions in the Regency era! We all love the novels of Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell, so of course we have also been watching our favorite film adaptions for inspiration as well.

Today, we thought we would share some gorgeous ensembles that have been inspiring us! We have found so many stunning pictures, that this post may be a bit lengthy! We split the pictures into two categories: historic garments and film costumes. Enjoy!


Dress ca. 1818.

First, here is a gorgeous rich burgundy silk gown! Notice the puffing along the hem of the skirt.



ca. 1805 sleeve detail Ball gown | V Search the Collections

Incredible detail on the sleeve of a ball gown ca. 1805.

Pale Violet Silk Ball Gown, American, 1820. Back View.

A beautiful Regency gown with very unique sleeves!

1810  riding habit, so cool

Here is something you don’t always think of when thinking of Regency clothing: a lady’s riding habit!

Day dress ca. 1823-29    From Colonial Williamsburg

A bright pink gown made in the United States around the year 1823.

Annette, from "Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion" exhibition. Dress. Cotton percale, cotton muslin, cording, France or England 1814-15. Shawl, cashmere, England, first quarter of the XIX century. Jewellery. Gold, turquoise and micro mosaic. Italy and England, first quarter of the XIX century. Bag. Vermeil, silk and gold tricot, gold bullion. France, circa 1808.

The basic Regency day ensemble consisting of a white muslin gown, a shawl, reticule, and bonnet!

Now we transition to period film costumes:)


I love Cynthia's dress in this scene!

While not quite in the Regency period, some of Molly’s gowns in Wives and Daughters are very much the same style as she wasn’t the most fashion forward young lady.

Fanny in Bright Star {I love this dress!}

In the film Bright Star, a biography of the poet John Keats, his fiancee Fanny Brawne designs and makes her own clothing giving the costumes a uniqueness one doesn’t often see in period films.

The classic Pride and Prejudice mini series! I love this richly colored Spencer jacket Elizabeth is sporting here, as well as the style of her bonnet!

This version of Jane Austen’s Emma is a relatively new favorite for me! As soon as I fell in love with the film, I also fell in love with Emma’s beautiful gowns!




Sally Hawkins made a lovely Anne in Persuasion! Also lovely is this unique ensemble. The sheer sleeves trimmed in lace are particularly fetching!


Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen herself in Becoming Jane. I love this beautiful pale green silk gown.

We hope you all enjoyed a peak at our Regency inspiration! All pictures are from Pinterest.



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A teal silk gown for Cecile!

Finally, we have something new in the shop! Please excuse our absence. It has been a very busy Summer as Lauren is getting ready to move. We hope we will all still have time to make dresses for you all, though!

Doesn’t Miss Cecile look stunning in this color? We certainly think so! Visit the Etsy listing here.

1850's teal silk gown for American Girl dolls Cecile and Marie-Grace.



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Just a few updates:-)

Hi everyone! We are so sorry for being absent for so long! Let me assure you that much sewing is still going on, and we hope to have some new dresses available soon. Our travel schedule has been a bit hectic lately, but things are calming down, and we are working hard. Hopefully I will be back soon with something beautiful to share with you!



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Rose’s ‘Jump’ Dress. (beads galore!)

Whew! We finally finished our latest project! An Edwardian gown inspired by Rose’s ‘jump’ dress in the film Titanic. The beading was pretty intense work, but we think it was worth it. Click here to see the Etsy listing and more photos of the silk and tulle bead and crystal covered gown.

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An Evening at Pemberly (Our new Regency gown!)

I have always loved the 1995 miniseries of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. So when I found a fabric in my stash that reminded me of one of the gowns Jennifer Ehle wore as Elizabeth Bennet, I knew we had a new project! We literally spent days embroidering the gown, but are so pleased with the finished product! Visit our Etsy shop to check it out now!

The original gown.

Our version!

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