1850’s Silk Dress and Straw Bonnet!

Hi everyone! Today we are adding a new outfit to the shop: An 1850’s silk seersucker gown in cream and gold with a matching completely hand stitched straw bonnet! Visit our Etsy shop to learn more about this one of a kind ensemble. Also, you see that beautiful girl in the photos? Her name is Cecile, and she is the most recent addition to our team:-)

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Filed under Historical Fashion, The Dresses

2 responses to “1850’s Silk Dress and Straw Bonnet!

  1. Meleah

    I absolutely LOVE the dress and Bonnet!
    you did an A-MAZING job!:)
    How on earth did you learn to make hats?!
    Looks SO complicated! (but you can do anything, right?*wink*)

  2. Thank you Meleah! I did a bunch of internet research on millinery, and found some great old books online from the 1800’s all about hat making. It’s quite an adventure! I’m sure you could learn to do it as well:-)
    Thanks for commenting!

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