What’s Next and Neverland

Hi everyone! I know we haven’t been posting on here very regularly- so sorry! We must do better. I wanted to give you all an idea of what is coming next to our little shop and blog. By next week, I hope to have the Roman Holiday addition to our Audrey line in the shop! It is coming together charmingly so keep an eye out for it! Also we have plans for several new dresses, both modern and historical. Watch for a post introducing a couple of lovely new employees as well! Custom orders are always available and you can visit our “Custom Orders” page to find out more.

Now here is something beautiful I want to leave you with. Have I ever mentioned my secret love of the Peter Pan story? I’ve even thought of making a Neverland inspired dress! We shall see if that ever happens:) This incredible piece of music is from the beautiful film, Finding Neverland. I could listen to it for a hundred years I think! I’m a pianist, and in the process of trying to learn it as well.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!



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