Christian Dior

Have you ever seen a picture of one Christian Dior’s couture dresses? If not, I have some for you today!

Dior’s gowns were incredible in there structure, originality, and detail. His designs never cease to inspire me. Though he only designed for ten years,  he turned the fashion world upside down. The world had just come out of World War II. Fashion had not been important for years, and the main focus in the clothing industry was to save material. When Dior began to work in couture, he changed that. He reestablished Paris as the couture capital of the world, and began creating designs which used yards and yards of fabric. Here are a few of my favorites from the Metropolitan Museum’s  website. You can learn more about Dior over there. Also, how fun would a Dior inspired 1950’s dress be?

Can you imagine how long it took to bead this gown?

I love this coat!

What an interesting bodice!


Hmmm...I have some satin just about this color...


The famous "Bar" suit.



Another hand beaded ball gown!


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