Samantha’s Post

Hi readers! I hope you are all having a great day! I am Samantha and I have worked with Lauren for several years. We go way back:) Renée, Emma, and I all have a great time getting to work together. I can’t wait to let you all know about the exciting things we have planned this year! It’s going to be fabulous!

I help Lauren out with the design process, and I can tell you we are already sketching away (and draping and making muslins!) for the Fall. I am inspired by so many things when I design a dress. They range from classical music to Audrey Hepburn! I love looking at a landscape and imagining how I could turn it into a dress.

Some things that I enjoy doing are: Drinking tea, watching Audrey Hepburn movies, drawing, reading, listening to music, and walking in the fresh air.

Thanks for reading our blog!

With love,



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