Film Costumes

One thing I have been interested in for a while is recreating period film costumes for dolls. Costume design is an amazing art. It requires much study, research, and skill. All the hard work pays off when a gorgeous costume leaves an audience in awe.

I love period dramas! Often, they show incredible attention to detail in their costuming. This periwinkle gown from the film The Young Victoria is one I have long wanted to make in doll size. Notice the pleating at the neckline as well as the black piping which accents the seaming. Truly beautiful! Costume designer Sandy Powell really outdid herself, and secured the film an Academy Award.

Often times the only doll sized replicas of movie costumes available are not of the best quality. These are great for little girls to play with, but what about the collector? I would love to do highly detailed dresses of this sort! Bellow are several gowns I have considered for my personal collection.What would you like to see? Thank you for reading my ramblings for the day!



Pink ball gown in Emma. It would be beautiful in silk chiffon with French lace!

Anne and Dianna’s puffed sleeve dresses in Anne of Green Gables. One of my most favorite movies!

Well this one is a little different, but so adorable! Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.

My favorite costume from Sense and Sensibility!

Christine's pink masquerade gown.

The Think of Me gown from The Phantom of the Opera.

Lovely ensemble from Wives and Daughters.



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2 responses to “Film Costumes

  1. Beth Donovan

    After seeing your latest effort I would personally like to see more Regency outfits. It is one of my favorite periods but it is hard to find outstanding ensembles. I am an adult collector so I am looking for more than the basic silhouette. Having said that, who can resist a stunning ball gown like the periwinkle blue.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I do have plans for more Regency outfits soon, including period correct accessories and outerwear. I have noticed there is a bit of a void in the market when it comes to Regency ensembles. I do love that periwinkle gown! Thanks for coming by!

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