Reader Survey

Hi there! Today we have a little survey for you. As we plan what to do in the future of our line, it is important to us to know what our readers think. This survey will help us know what kind of things you want to see in future collections and on the blog. Just leave your answers as a comment below. Thanks so much!

~1. When you look for doll clothing, what styles do you look for?

~2. What materials do you like to see used in doll clothing?

~3. Do you have an interest in custom orders?

~4. Do you enjoy our blog articles?

~5. What is something that is difficult to find well made for dolls such as an accessory?

~6. Do you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas to share with us?



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4 responses to “Reader Survey

  1. 1. I prefer historical based clothing styles.
    2. Appropriately scaled prints and higher quality apparel fabrics.
    3. Sure! Even though I sew too, sometimes I don’t have the time or inclination.
    4. It’s always nice to see someone else working on doll stuff πŸ˜‰
    5. Nice quality, appropriately scaled hats are hard to find.
    6. Simple works well on a human scale but it can tend toward ‘plain’ on a doll sized scale.

  2. Isabella

    1: Any….modern or historical.
    2: Something pretty like silk for a fancy dress. Something suitable for dolls
    3: I would LOVE a custom made order!! Except for the fact everywhere is so expensive. 😦
    4: I guess…….sorry……..I don’t really read them…….just skip to the dresses. When I do read them I like them!
    5: Hats and maybe jewelry
    6: I would suggest less expensive stuff……I do know though that its great quality.


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